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Humanity has been scattered across the land, isolated in small villages that cling to existence. Giant creatures called Titan’s roam the world destroying everything in their path. The only way for mankind to survive is by fighting against these behemoths, defending against the ones that pose a threat, and hunting others for food. That is the role of a Titan Hunter.


Reach of Titan is a game that uses an original system that is designed to emulate fantasy style fights with giant creatures. The game will have a familiar feel for those that have played Shadow of the Colossus, Monster Hunter, or watched the Attack on Titan anime. The battles are designed to be half-puzzle, half-combat where players must use more than their die rolls to bring down these behemoths. The encounters are challenging as you must solve the puzzle of killing the Titan, while working with the resource management system of combat. This combination of systems provides a very unique RPG experience.


While fighting giant creatures is a core part of the experience of Reach of Titan, the game also incorporates settlement building and hunting as key aspects of the game. You are members of a small village that is trying it eek out an existence. If you are successful, you will be able to watch your village grow and proper. Failures will result in watching your settlement dwindle. Every hunt you go on comes with risks and rewards that must be weighed, and the results of these hunts will shape your community.


The play test document for Reach of Titan is available for FREE right now. Click the link below to join in the fight to save humanity.

Reach of Titan - Play Test Documents


Reach of Titan has completed its Kickstarter at over 600% funded and every stretch goal hit! If you missed the kickstarter you can click the link below to pre-order the game.

Reach of Titan Pre-Order

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