Tearable RPG

The Tearable RPG is a free 1-page RPG, designed to give a very unique play experience. The game is a universal system where players will get to write down any six skills they want on a piece of of paper. When it is time for a player to use one of their skills, they will rip off a part of their character sheet containing at least one letter of the skill they are using, to activate it.


The game will quickly devolve into silly nonsense as players use skills like MacGyvering, Clandestin Dinosaur, Xenomorph Chest Birth, or Pork Chop of Doom to solve the tasks put in front of them. Players can also crumple up their character sheet and toss it at the GM to go out in a blaze of glory.


If you want a light hearted fun RPG that is perfect for a one-shot at your game night, you can download this game for free!


What you need to play

  • A Tearable RPG rules Sheet for each player


Download The Tearable RPG here for free!