Tiny Guardian


You hear a soft knocking on your front door. At first you thought it might just be the wind, but there it is again. Too quiet for the mailman, too loud to be nothing. You open the door and find a tiny little creature standing proudly before you, no bigger than a rabbit. “Your new protector has arrived, and it’s me!”


Tiny Guardian is a one-player RPG about a little creature that shows up on your doorstep and explains you are in need of protecting. The game plays over 30 real-time days, where each day you will read a new part of the story and interact with your Guardian. You will complete tasks, go on quests, and grow your relationship with your new little protector.


This game was originally released for the Talking TableTop patreon backers. The game is being completed as a finished product and will be for sale on the Third Act store shortly!